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Tired of Dealing with Branches in Your Garden? Look No Further!

It is vital to eliminate trees’ limbs near electric grids, or that pose a risk of collapsing onto homes or persons. Regardless of whether they’re on private land or public land or public, these branches must be cleared once they pose a danger to people. Tree Pro Ltd has years of experience providing trustworthy and expert tree branch clearance, and tree surgeons UK at Tree Pro Ltd can get the job done in no time, that too pretty efficiently!

A maintenance worker is not recommended for massive branch clearance. You’ll need a tree surgeon UK with the expertise, tools, and relevant experience to safely and efficiently scale tall trees and remove any branches.

Arborist UK Services by Tree Pro Ltd to the Rescue

Big tree limbs may weigh up to 450 or more pounds, which means that if anything goes wrong, the limb might do a great deal of harm. The best option is to hire an arborist UK in your area. There is no project that Tree Pro Ltd can’t handle!

Branches and twigs from a hurricane like Eunice might also pose a hazard to your property. Uncleaned waste, like branches that have been partially severed, is an invitation to insects and rodents. Arborist UK by Tree Pro Ltd in your area can react soon to your call to ensure that your property is secure.

You may find reputable, skilled, and reasonably priced tree care services in the UK with us. We can deal with pruning, removal, and so much more!

Tree surgeons UK at Tree Pro Ltd know how to save and remove exceptionally huge old branches. Moreover, we do this and deal with them if they may be spreading over houses or in difficult-to-access areas. Arborists are available for advice, and we’ll sculpt and form your bushes to your precise specifications. We worked on improving the functionality and appearance of your commercial or residential property. What’s more, the work we provide is of the highest calibre.

Past Cases

Just in the past, we worked on a home that required branch removal services. Below, you can take a look at the before and after pictures of the branch removal on poplar in Lenham. The client wanted these branches removed to prevent them from breaking off.

They also needed them gone to avoid damage to their new seating area. They also had a pagoda in their rear garden, and we wanted to keep it safe and secure.

The tree belonged to the neighbour, but they were happy for the client to carry out the work. At Tree Por Lord, our arborist UK services mean we take care of anything and everything!

The client had to obtain permission from the council to have this work done as the tree has a TPO. And that’s it! As a result, we ended up with a happy client, and the client had a safer home!

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