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Our tree services

At Tree Pro Ltd, we undertake all aspects of tree surgery from thinning and shaping to tree felling. We mainly work using climbing methods on trees to prevent the damage that can be caused by heavy machinery in gardens and on lawns. However there are some jobs where machines must be used to ensure safety.

Sadly, Britain’s trees are under attack from a range of diseases – these include Ash Dieback, Phytophthora ramum (affects Larch, Sweet Chestnut and others), acute oak decline, needle blight and more.


If you are worried about a tree on your property it’s important to establish the cause as soon as possible to prevent spreading.

For information about diseases and pests, see the Forestry Commission’s website here.

Diseased trees often have to be destroyed in accordance with particular regulations. This will be discussed as part of our survey and quotation.