Tree Removal

Removing a tree, or tree felling, requires experienced tree surgeons to complete the job safely and remain in control of the tree at all times. This daunting challenge should always be carried out by professionals who have the specialist knowledge, correct equipment and plenty of experience to fell your trees safely.

Professional tree felling services

At Tree Pro, we’re the experts in safe and fast tree removal, no matter the size, shape or location of your trees.

Due to the nature of tree felling, every job is unique and one of our professional tree surgeons will come and visit you to give you an accurate quote.

Our qualified tree surgeons

The team at Tree Pro Ltd all possess the skills, knowledge and experience necessary in woodland management and tree surgery, so you can rest assured that your tree removal will be carried out by experts.

We’re extremely passionate about safe tree felling and aim to deliver a high quality service every time. We regularly provide tree felling services in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Tree removal in Kent

When we’re removing your tree, we aim to complete the task in as short a time as possible. Our high quality equipment ensures we cause minimal disruption to our surroundings. We provide various tree removal services, including:

• Section felling in confined spaces for the safety of property and people.

• Clear felling, removing a number of trees to clear an area.

• Dismantling and removing windblown and dangerous trees.

Tree Preservation Orders If you know or think your trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, please view our advice before proceeding to have it removed.

For more information about our tree removal services, call us today on 01622 851576.