Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning (selectively removing parts of a tree) is an essential job required to maintain the health of a tree and we recognises the importance of this. We also offer tree health and care services.

Safety is of paramount importance here at Tree Pro and all work is completed as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Note that as every situation is unique and due to the nature of tree pruning, it is likely we will need to come out to you to first to give you an accurate quote.

Tree pruning – We offer all aspects of tree surgery, including:

• Crown reduction and reshaping

Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown, as opposed to topping – which would potentially kill the tree, is the correct method to reduce the height of a tree.

The benefits of this method are improved available sunlight, reduced wind resistance and improved overall appearance. This is the best way to retain trees in small areas and can help to relieve stress on branches and the overall tree. Crown reduction needs to be carried out by someone experienced in this method.

Note not all species of trees lend themselves to this technique.
• Crown thinning

This allows more light to pass through the tree as well as reducing wind resistance. It involves removing smaller branches from around the whole crown and is mainly carried out on broadleaf trees.

This should not alter the height or shape of the tree.
• Crown Lifting (or Crown Raising)

The removal of the lowest branches to no more than 15% of the living crown height. It is best to not remove more than this and to leave two thirds of the total height of the tree. By carrying this out it improves access to the trunk of the tree and increases sunlight.

To achieve the desired height this process may need to implemented over time. When carrying this out it is best to work to an agreed point and have a photographic plan to refer to in order to prevent over cutting.
• Dead, dying and dangerous trees or timber removed

The removal of dead or dying timber can be very helpful in preventing harm to people or property as well as the tree itself. However, it should be remembered that these areas can provide essential habitats for protected flora and wildlife.

Tree Health – Tree Health and Tree Care services include:

• Formative pruning, Coppicing, Pollarding, Fruit tree and Hedge pruning

The benefits of good health care are quite simple and rewarding by looking after your trees correctly you can improve fruit production, shape a well formed tree from a young age and remove potential weak points from the tree at a young age.

All of these will greatly increase the life expectancy of trees and can help avoid costly tree work later in their life.
• Useful information

Pruning should be avoided during spring growth and at the time of leaf fall when energy reserves are depleted. Outside these periods most trees can be pruned at any time of the year.

Cherry and some Conifers are best pruned after flowering (June to August) when gum or resin production is most active.

Sycamore, Birch, Beech should be pruned in leaf or just after leaf fall.

Apple and Pear trees should be pruned in winter to optimize fruit production the following year.