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Hedges are beautiful for gardens especially when you employ arborist Sittingbourne. Sometimes people think of them as a status symbol. Some people also use them as an ornamental component of a landscape. Some hedges are simply ornamental, but they may also serve a function. The examples include eco-friendly enclosures that are both beautiful and functional. As opposed to a simple fence, Hedging enhances the natural beauty of your land. An expert tree surgeon can do it for you.

Essential Care for Your Hedges

Even though it acts as a deterrent, it gives off a natural appearance. There are several advantages to using a hedge fence to defend your property from undesirable animals like deer and dogs. Moreover, it may also function as a security barrier for even the most obnoxious residents in other cases.

And, of course, decorative hedges have artistic appeal as well. Nothing truly says it all like a piece of living art that you can create in your backyard.

However, hedges’ benefits can quickly go sour if you don’t care for them. Furthermore, overgrown hedges are not only highly un-aesthetic but also a hindrance to functionality.

Past Cases for arborist Sittingbourne

One of your past cases was dealing with hedges. This job was just outside of Stock bury, Sittingbourne. This client has an Equestrian centre that needed a bit of maintenance carrying out around the training school.


Over the years, this hedge had grown out of control, and the flail on the tractor could no longer reach to cut it. What’s more, the team started climbing through the hedge. This helped in reducing the height to fence level.

Timely Caring for Hedges by Our Tree Surgeon

Regular Hedge Trimming is required for both public and private hedgerows. This is critical to maintaining their density, compactness, and form. Hedge Trimming is one of the many services at Tree Pro Ltd for all our residents. Techniques, equipment, and machinery are required for trimming and cutting. If a gardener is unfamiliar with these methods, they should avoid doing a pruning project on their own. A tree surgeon can do it.

According to the hedge’s age and character, cutting and clipping procedures will differ. The first couple of years is crucial for establishing a new hedge’s shape. Trimming should be done in the winter or spring when the grass is dormant.

Let Us Tackle it For You

At the end of winter or early spring, it is common practice to cut back half of the hedge’s growth. Half-cutting the baby hedges will promote minimal spreading and a more condensed growth form. Next year, the surgery will have to be redone.

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