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Overgrown Trees Bothering You? Give Us a Call!

There is nothing more annoying than an overgrown tree hogging up all the space as well as the aesthetics of your garden. For many homeowners, these overgrown trees can be a lot more than just an annoying addition to their backyard. Such drooping and overhanging branches can lead to accidental collisions, property damage, and may even fall unexpectedly due to strong winds.

This is why it is crucial to get experienced tree surgeons to work their arborist magic on your backyard. These overgrown trees, often known as a home for animals and hiding places for pests, can be a real pain. Fortunately, for you, with Tree Pro Ltd on the case, you can rid yourself of all these dangers as well as the threat of maintenance.


Past Cases

This client was located on West Street, Maidstone. As you can see in the images below, they required us to work on this humongous beech tree. We had to get the beech tree pried and work on the height reduction of the conifers.


The Dilemma

The conifers that you see in the images were planted some thirty years ago and had not had any maintenance done. As a result, the tree grew and grew, leading to such a height that the client would not get any sun in their lovely south-facing garden!

As you can see, the beech tree had been there for many moons before the conifers and has had space to grow with a great spherical shape. However, it had become so huge for the garden that it had eventually crept into the farmer’s field by about 45 feet!

What we Did

Getting to work after a thorough inspection, our team carried out a fill crown reduction to this beech and began removing the conifers down to lines as shown in the marked pictures.

Due to budget constraints, the client only booked us for two days and asked we could cut and remove as much as possible.

As you can see from the pictures, we completed the beech tree and managed to get halfway along the conifer hedge. The client was super satisfied with the job and even booked us to work on their property again!

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