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Arborist Services Right to your Doorstep with Tree Pro Ltd for Your Safety and Comfort

No Need to Live with a Threat in Your Garden – Call a Tree Surgeon Over Today!

According to reports, more than 100 tree fatalities take place every year. A huge reason these happen so frequently is that tree owners don’t take the right precautions. There’s a good probability that, at some point, you’ll have to get rid of at least one of the trees in your garden. This is where you need to call in for arborist services.

It’s crucial to know the time when your trees are getting dangerous. Once you do that, you will know when it is time for them to leave your home. Trees can become weak because of storms or even because of old age.

Keeping your home and loved ones safe begins with recognizing the warning signals that you require tree removal services. Also, if you must have a tree taken from your garden, leave the work to a qualified arborist; doing it yourself may be quite hazardous.

Past Cases of Arborist Services

We believe in letting you see our work to understand our services of tree removal, hedging cutting and more. Of course, how else can you trust someone with the sanctity of your home? Please take a look down below to see how we worked on a house in Lenham.

We worked on the removal of this failed branch from an Atlas Cedral. As you can see, the wind has made the branch twist and split through the middle. However, it did not come crashing down. Instead, it stayed there hanging precariously, waiting to fall.

Were glad the client called our team efficiently to deal with it. Fortunately for the client, we got there in time before it happened. Our team lowered the branch safely to the ground without damaging the neighbouring property.

We did all of this work inside the conservation area of Lenham. We also had to take permission before continuing with the work. In our advice, you should always check if your trees are in a conservation area. You should know beforehand if they are protected by reservation order.

 Leave the Grunt Work to Experts for hedge cutting arborist

Due to a lack of specialized equipment and experience, many tree care firms cannot remove large and weak trees. To help remove such branches or trees, an expert arborist like Tree Pro Ltd is essential — we come equipped with the heavy machinery and training necessary.

We understand how annoying and tiresome it can be to deal with a tree independently. Good for you, now you can call us for the job of hedge cutting, etc. Our team has years of experience dealing with issues like these. We would be more than glad to do it for you as well.

Contact Us for hedge cutting arborist

Do you like what you see for tree removal or hedge cutting? Would you like our team to help you deal with the dangerous tree? You can even talk to our customer representatives to get a quote for the job.

Call our team today at Tree Pro Ltd at 07732 527588 or get in touch through our email at [email protected] to book your services.

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