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Arborist Services Including Hedge Management by Tree Pro Ltd

Need Hedge Management for your Garden by Experts at Tree Pro Ltd

Need your hedges cut down? Tons of problems can come when hedges become overgrown or out of place, despite their usefulness. Hedges that are overgrown and unkempt may make the front of your business seem like it, too. On top of that, attempting to remove an old bush with your own might do much more harm to your landscape.

Our team of experienced gardeners will remove your old hedge, who will also clean up after themselves, repair anything damaged, and dispose of any debris. When cutting your old hedge, we can only use the finest technology and guarantee that we observe all safety laws.

The Delicate Art of Hedge Management

There is a delicate balancing act required in edge upkeep, which is the first item we’ll look at. Too many trims will leave barren shrubs; too little attention will cause them to grow unsightly and encroach on neighbouring properties. In addition to pruning, frequent watering, getting fed, and trimming are all essential to maintaining a hedge healthy and attractive. Pruning and removing hedges are the most challenging parts of hedge upkeep. On the other hand, our staff is very competent and can do the task quickly.

Complete Hedge Services by Arborists at Tree Pro Ltd

At Tree Pro Ltd, we provide skilled and economical hedge cleaning services, including complete hedge removal, for those wishing to get rid of their hedges. We have a staff of highly skilled professionals that take great delight in their job. We use special narrow-access equipment to assist us in completing even the most difficult tasks. Among the services we provide are hedge trimming and removal:

Remove undesirable hedges from your landscape to free up space. Stump removal is another service we do. Finally, we attempt to keep hedges from re-growing.

Past Cases for arborist hedge

Here, look at the previous hedge removal job we carried out. Located in spot lane, Bearstead, Maidstone, this was the removal of an unwanted hedge. This hedge was a mixture of hedging plants; however, they had been overtaken by Ivy over the years, which made the hedge look unsightly.

The client wanted to have it removed and a fence put up in its place. Our team cut down the hedge and ivy to ground level using chainsaws. We then used the stump grinder to clear the ground out, making it clear to install the posts.

Happy Clientele

The last couple of years has been filled with the joy of operating on various properties for various clients, who were delighted with the results. Due to the breadth of our services, we were able to give the best tree and hedge management and security possible for our clients. Having all of your needs met under one roof is unbeatable.

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