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Arborist Services at Tree Pro Ltd for Stump Removal, Tree Removal, and More!

Removing Unsightly Tree Stumps for a Prettier and Safer Garden

For many homeowners, the removal of trees or the cutting down of trees when they are old or unhealthy leaves them with an unsightly stump in their yard. It’s at this point that stump disposal services come in handy. A big stumpy isn’t only a visual nuisance; it also serves a purpose. Insects, illness, and other issues might arise as a result, and your gardening selections may be impacted in the future. Arborist services can help you.

Here’s Why Stump Removal is a Necessity

Is it necessary to remove the stump?  We want to tell you that, as Certified Arborists, the answer is yes. Tree stump roots might pose a health risk to your neighbours and other guests. The stumps or roots might provide a tripping hazard to children or guests strolling around your garden.

Stump sinkholes form when the soil surrounding them settles. Tripping and falling due to depression might be quite dangerous. When grooming your lawn, you may have to repair your lawnmower’s gear if it hits a stump. This may be a costly lesson to learn, not to mention the danger to your visitors.

Arborist Services by Tree Pro Ltd

Many years of expertise are needed to determine the optimum approach to link equipment with the stumps and exert pressure without damaging nearby persons, structures, or plants. When a stump has to be pulled out of the ground, additional wires are often required to prevent harm to the stump during the process.

At Tree Pro Ltd, we have got the team and the experience for the job.

Stump grinding and heavy removal equipment should be used to remove the stump. Attempting to operate this equipment without proper training would be exceedingly hazardous. Sure, you might be able to get stump grinding equipment on rent, but that is not the case for stump removal. You will either have to buy expensive machinery or go for the easier option and call-in experts.

Past Cases

We believe in letting our work speak on our behalf. Here is the work we did for a property in Maidstone. Have you got an unwanted stump in your garden? It’s time for you to get rid of it.

Our team at Tree Pro Ltd will be more than glad to deal with it. Take a look at the pictures down below.

This work was carried out in Maidstone for our client Gloserone. They wanted to clean up the appearance of their main entrance. We know how tree stumps can be super unappealing, so we got rid of them for them. Once done, the spot was ready for them to sprinkle some grass seeds down.

Now imagine how wonderful the space would look with some green grass and not an ugly stump.

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