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Turning a hazardous fallen tree into firewood –

When it comes to fallen trees in farm environments. We make sure that not only the space left in a safe state for tractors, machinery, walking space and wildlife, we also make use of the wood. In this case, the wood from this Beech tree has been turned into firewood and also planks for our sister company “Crafted Nature Ltd”


Our client in Kent, UK. called us after the tree was found from the aftermath of storm Eunice. This was the biggest storm the UK had seen for over 30 years.


You’ll see from the images below the sheer size of this tree. It was massive surprise to our client when they came across it. Luckily, the tree fell in an area which was not hazardous to the public or farm workers.



The one advantage of this fallen Beech tree was that our sister company Crafted Nature Ltd managed to utilise the remains as both firewood and planks for future projects of theirs. As a business, Tree Pro Ltd are committed to sustainability and you’ll be surprised how our imagination takes us. As you saw in our recent post about the Christmas baubles, we will make use of as much wood as possible.

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