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Tree Surgeons Expert at Hedge Maintenance, Pruning, and More

Tree Pro Ltd for A Job Well Done When it Comes to Garden Maintenance

According to research, a well-maintained garden can boost the real estate value of your property by 77%. Thus, in such times of disruption, won’t you like to have the upper hand by maintaining a beautiful garden? Further, you’d know that gardens come with a boatload of other benefits, such as a space to chill. What’s more, if you’ve got the passion, you can have some vegetation and plantation. However, maintaining gardens, especially hedges, can be daunting. Our expert tree surgeons at Tree Pro Ltd will be more than glad to help you.

We provide a comprehensive hedge maintenance service, and we’ll help you choose the ideal species for your area and needs. We may return yearly to maintain the hedge for you if you like. Many of our clients like to get us booked on a monthly or even annual basis for their garden and hedge maintenance. Talk to one of our tree surgeon customer service professionals now to learn more about our planting services!

Past Cases

We believe in letting our skills speak for us. Our past customer satisfaction helps us move forward, and we would like to show you a glimpse of it.

Below are some pictures of a hedge maintenance work we did for a client living in Otham Lane, Maidstone. One of our loyal customers has been doing bits to their garden each year, and we have had the pleasure of their garden maintenance.

As you can see below, this is the first day of the completed project.


Why Work with Tree Pro?

1. Complimentary and Useful Guidance

There are trained arborists at Tree Pro Ltd who are happy to provide pleasant and knowledgeable guidance on various tree-related services around the United Kingdom (UK).

2. Specialists Tree Surgeons

Make sure you choose the right tree surgeons for the job. This sector is polluted by services provided by DIY teams with no prior experience, which may result in thousands of dollars lost in fines if correct procedures and regulations are not followed. Contact a specialist right now.

3. Affordable and Experienced

We ensure to get the job done without drilling a hole in your pocket. Our experience and passion for the job have helped us where we are today. Hence, with us, you will be sure of only getting the most experienced and affordable team.

Contact Us

Contact our staff today!

Are you looking for expert tree surgeons? Also, would you want our crew to assist you in garden maintenance? Our customer service professionals would gladly provide you with a price quotation over the phone.

Call Tree Pro Ltd at 07732 527588 to speak with a member of our staff. You can also reach us by sending an email at [email protected] to make a reservation for our tree surgeons in the United Kingdom.

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