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Fallen Horse Chestnut Tree Removal in Lenham Heath

Case Study: Tree Pro Safely Removes Fallen Horse Chestnut Near Client’s Home in Lenham Heath

At Tree Pro, we take immense pride in being a trusted family-run tree surgeon business based in the heart of Kent. With over 25 years of dedicated service, we have been the go-to experts for tree care in Maidstone, Ashford, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to professional and reliable service has earned us a reputation for excellence, and we strive to uphold this standard in every job we undertake whether that be an urgent tree removal in Lenham Heath or regular hedge maintenance in Aylesford.

A Fortunate Incident

Recently, we were called out to a unique job in Lenham Heath that highlighted not only our expertise but also the unpredictable nature of our work. A large horse chestnut tree had been blown over by strong winds. Miraculously, the tree managed to avoid causing any significant damage, narrowly missing fences and, most importantly, the client’s house which stood just 4 meters away from the trunk. The client, recognising the potential for disaster, felt incredibly lucky and sought our help to safely clear the fallen tree.

Our Approach

Upon arrival, our experienced team quickly assessed the situation. Safety is our top priority, and we took all necessary precautions to ensure the task was handled efficiently and without incident. Our skilled arborists set to work, carefully cutting and removing the tree in manageable sections.

Result of the Tree Removal in Lenham Heath

In line with our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, we cut the fallen tree into firewood, which we left for the client to use as they see fit.

About Tree Pro

Tree Pro was founded with a clear mission: to deliver top-quality tree services to both residential and commercial customers. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation based on high standards of workmanship and exceptional customer service. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of creating lasting relationships with our clients. We take great pride in going above and beyond to meet their needs, ensuring every project is completed to their satisfaction.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of tree surgery services, including:

  • Tree felling and removal
  • Pruning and crown reduction
  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree care
  • Hedge trimming and maintenance

No job is too big or too small for Tree Pro. Our team of qualified tree surgeons are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to handle any tree-related issue with precision and care.

At Tree Pro, we believe in providing more than just a service; we offer peace of mind. Our recent fallen tree removal job in Lenham Heath is a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. If you have a tree that needs attention, don’t hesitate to contact us. With Tree Pro, you can rest assured that your trees are in expert hands.

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