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Tree Pro Ltd: Your Knight in Shining Armor for Inconvenient, Unwanted Trees

More than often, homeowners find themselves in quite a bit of a quandary as they end up with trees looming over their houses, proving to be a threat. Do you ever get scared looking at a huge tree in your garden, fearing that it might fall over one day? If you can relate to this, you can relate to one of our previous clients. More on that later!

Removal of Unwanted Trees

While trees do offer shade and give your house a comforting appeal, they can also prove to be quite an inconvenience if the size gets out of hand. Huge trees can be unwanted and even cause you tons of pounds in damage if they fall over. Worst case scenario, there can even be serious injuries if the dilemma begins when it comes to getting yourself out of such a situation. Certainly, getting to the removal yourself with a chop is not a wise or a safe decision.

Tree Pro Ltd to the Rescue

Fortunately, this is where we come into play. As arborists with years of experience under our belt, we are equipped with the tools and the experience required to work on any tree removal project, be it one huge one or tons of tiny annoying shrubs.

If you have a huge tree that’s not just unhealthy but also a threat to your house and family, it is time to call in Tree Pro Ltd. Our experts will safely make sure that the dangerous tree is removed from your property most safely.

Past Cases

One of our past jobs was of the same nature. Located in Lanham court, this gig was quite a challenging one. Our client was worried that the trees near their property would fall over on their grade two listed stately home since they were near it.

Our team arrived at the location with all the tools and got to work immediately to help eliminate their stress. Our expert arborists got to work and made sure that the tree was removed exactly how the client wanted it gone.

The workers started by removing the trees right down to the ground level. This was done so that there could be no more threat of trees falling over. Next, keeping our client’s requirement in mind, the tree was left with large trunks at the bottom since the client had other plans for those.

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