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Tree Pro Ltd. and Crafted Nature Ltd have Partnered For An Environment-Safety Pledge

The earth is in a dire state, and at Tree Pro Ltd, today, we take this more seriously than ever. This is why our team is ready to give you top-of-the-line services when it comes to tree removal, hedge maintenance, and tree pruning services.

Our team can be at your location at any time of the day, be it early in the morning or late at night if you happen to find yourself in emergencies. Equipped with all the necessary tools and years of experience under their belt, these individuals are trained to work in extreme scenarios while you won’t even have to bat an eye!

But, all of your environmentalists out there might be thinking, what happens to the wood once we promise to take care of it on your behalf?

Partnering with Crafted Nature Ltd for a Better Tomorrow

When you join hands with Tree Pro Ltd for your yard maintenance work, we make sure to satisfy you and reach our environment-friendly goals in the best possible manner. This is why, unlike other contractors who might ditch the remains somewhere, our team focuses on how the wood can be reused.

So, how does one go about reusing old wood that has been discarded and deemed useless? 1at Tree Pro Ltd, we have decided to partner with Crafted Nature Ltd to give the discarded wood a new life. With years of history and adventure rooted in the bark, the wood of these trees has stories to tell that just cannot be ignored and thrown away.

Giving the Recyclable Wood a New Life

This is why we have partnered up with Crafted Nature Ltd to reuse the wood for better purposes. All the recyclable wood from our arborist services is stored and then sent over to Crafted Nature Ltd, where they bring the magic back into the trees.


Crafted Nature Ltd reuses the wood and turns it into household items such as wooden side tables, décor pieces, unique wooden bowls, wall mounts, and much more!

Check out Crafted Natures creations –


Available at affordable prices, all these uniquely designed pieces will give your home an elegance like never before. Plus, you won’t be sad saying goodbye to a tree that you might’ve been emotionally attached to. What more could one ask? It’s like your beloved tree goes on to live forever and be a part of your life again!

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Are you interested in the work we’re doing with Crafted Nature Ltd? Head over to Crafted Nature Ltd age to grab your wooden charm. Call our team today at 07732 527588 or get in touch through our email at [email protected] to book arborist services by trained professionals.

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