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arborist UK Tree Pro Ltd: Your Best Choice for Hedge Maintenance

Arborist UK Hedge Maintenance by Tree Pro Ltd: The Experts You Can Rely On

We provide a full range of hedge management services and are delighted to advise on the best species to use in your specific climate and other factors. We can return annually to tend to the hedges for you if you’d like.

In addition to annual hedge trimming maintenance and 24/7 availability, Tree Pro Ltd also offers hedge reduction and the organization of unruly, overgrown hedges that may be the source of tension between neighbours. If you need a hedge in your yard or garden removed, our Tree Surgery crew can handle the job quickly and easily, no matter the size. We can do anything from grinding and removing the stumps to hauling away the leftover debris.

Call In Our Expert Arborist UK

Tree Pro Ltd has been the go-to company for hedge and shrub trimming and pruning for many Wouldham area businesses and homes. Your property’s appearance is very important to you, and we understand that.

As expert and skilled arborist UK, we can trim your shrubs and hedges to perfection. Many of our customers seek out our hedge trimming services because they want their property to stand out from the rest.

Hedge and shrub pruning is our specialty, and we can tell you when is the optimum time of year to do it.

To maintain their health, thickness, and aesthetic appeal, hedges should be trimmed twice yearly. Hedge maintenance occurs twice a year, once in the spring and once in the summer heat. If you want more light to reach the ground underneath your hedges, trim them, so the lower sections are broader than the upper ones.

Tree Pro Ltd. Past Cases

Please take a look down below to see our recent hedge maintenance gig. Our arborist UK love to help our clients on an annual bi-yearly basis or even whenever they need us!

What you see down below is the hedge maintenance for an annual client located in Wouldham. This is a very fun job for our team because of how beautiful it looks once we’re done!


As you can see, we got a lovely finish on this hedge, as we always do!

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Do you need a reliable tree surgeon? Someone from our customer service department would be happy to give you an estimate over the phone or in person.

If you want to reach a Tree Pro Ltd. team member, they can be reached at 07732 527588. To schedule a meeting with one of our arborists UK, please email [email protected].

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