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Maintenance contract – SIRS Navigation

As the days get longer and the temperature starts to rise, the spring season kicks off to a great start. It is the time when nature springs back to life, with flowers blooming, and trees sprouting new leaves, everything seems to be refreshed and rejuvenated. And, just like all trees and plants, businesses too need some maintenance work occasionally, to keep everything looking neat and tidy. This is why we recently visited our client SIRS Navigation for our first maintenance contract visit of the year.

At Tree Pro Ltd, we take great pride in the work that we do. We specialise in tree and hedge work, as well as landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. This means that we provide outstanding services that go beyond the expectations of our clients. And we are delighted to continue to support our client – SIRS Navigation with their horticultural needs.

Our first visit of the year for the maintenance contract at SIRS Navigation involved clearing away all the old leaves and weeds that had grown over the winter and getting the hedges and trees ready for the spring. We ensured that all the necessary work was carried out, and the premises looked spotless when we were finished.

Our team arrived early in the morning, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. We swiftly got to work, carefully removing all the debris that had gathered over the winter. We worked efficiently and effectively, making sure that we didn’t disturb any of the wildlife that inhabited the hedges.

We then turned our attention to the hedges and trees, carrying out pruning work to ensure that they were in the best possible health. We also trimmed the branches and foliage to maintain their look, thus keeping everything looking neat and tidy.

At Tree Pro Ltd, we believe that a tidy workplace is a happy workplace. We ensure that we leave every job site clean and tidy, ensuring that we maintain a safe working environment for both our team and our client.

In conclusion, our first maintenance contract visit of the year at SIRS Navigation was a great success. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the premises looked spotless and that everything was in top-notch condition for the upcoming spring season. At Tree Pro Ltd, we always aim to provide an outstanding service, and we believe that our work brings value to our clients. We are excited to continue our relationship with SIRS Navigation and look forward to providing them with our services throughout the year.

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