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The Fortunate Fall: Tree Pro

At Tree Pro Ltd, we are dedicated to the care and maintenance of your trees, ensuring their health and safety while safeguarding your property and that of your neighbours. Recently, our team had the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in a unique and fortunate situation.

A client from Harrietsham, Kent, approached us with a remarkable story. While they were away on holiday, a large tree on their property had been uprooted by strong winds and fell into a neighbouring garden. The fortunate aspect of this incident was that the tree caused only minimal damage, despite the potential for a much more serious outcome.

Our team takes great pride in our ability to handle unexpected circumstances with professionalism and efficiency. Upon arrival at the site, we assessed the situation and formulated a plan to remove the tree without causing further damage to the surrounding area. We made sure to coordinate closely with the neighbours to minimise any inconvenience and address their concerns.

The tree had only damaged a small infill section of mesh fencing in the neighbour’s garden, narrowly missing any significant impact on their property. Furthermore, the tree miraculously avoided touching the fence posts, sparing the neighbours from additional repairs. To top it off, it landed on the neighbour’s fire pile, resulting in no damage to their garden.

Below – Fallen tree, before and after

This stroke of luck was a testament to the harmony and balance in nature, and we were grateful to witness it firsthand. By promptly responding to the client’s situation and collaborating with the affected neighbours, Tree Pro Ltd was able to swiftly and effectively resolve the incident, leaving both parties satisfied with the outcome.

Our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction, paired with our expertise in arboriculture and tree care, enabled us to turn what could have been a potentially disastrous event into a fortunate and almost serendipitous occurrence. We take great pride in not only providing exceptional tree care but also in handling unexpected and challenging situations with the utmost professionalism and care.

At Tree Pro Ltd, we understand the importance of safeguarding your property and maintaining positive relationships with your neighbours. We strive to uphold the highest standards of service and workmanship, ensuring that every interaction with our team leaves you feeling confident and supported in the care of your trees.

As a local business in Harrietsham, Kent, we are committed to our community and the well-being of its residents. Our successful management of the fallen tree incident exemplifies our dedication to serving our clients and neighbours with integrity and excellence.

We encourage you to trust Tree Pro Ltd for all your tree care needs, knowing that our team is ready to handle any situation, no matter how unexpected. From routine maintenance to emergency tree removal, we are here to provide reliable and professional service to keep your trees healthy and your property safe.

The fortunate outcome of the fallen tree incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive tree care and the value of entrusting such responsibilities to a reputable and knowledgeable team of experts. Tree Pro Ltd is honored to have contributed to the resolution of this unique situation and stands ready to assist you with any tree care needs you may have.

In conclusion, we at Tree Pro Ltd are grateful for the successful resolution of the fallen tree incident in Harrietsham, Kent. We extend our deepest appreciation to our client and their neighbours for their cooperation and understanding throughout the process. Our team remains committed to delivering exceptional tree care services and ensuring the well-being of our community with every project we undertake.

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