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Arborist at Tree Pro Ltd Offering Pond Clearance Services –

Pond Turned into a Disaster? Call Tree Pro Ltd Today!

It’s not only your house that needs a spring cleaning this time of year. The best time to clean your pond is early spring when everything is still dormant. At Tree Pro Ltd, we will make sure that your pond is ready for summer picnics. It’s also possible to get your pond ready for the winter by cleaning it up in the autumn. You can do it by getting expert arborist services.

It’s possible to maintain your pond by yourself, but hiring a pond care firm might be a better alternative if you’re short on time. Having too much mud or slime on the bottom of your body of water might lead to the death of your sea species. Often, this happens because trees blow over and fall into ponds.

Pond Clearing by Tree Pro Ltd

Even if you’ve had a tiny pond, you can still clean it yourself with a pond vacuum, but it will take time and effort. Our company has also created several solutions to reduce or eradicate sludge and dirt.

In addition, dirt and other stuff generate smells and give your pond a disgusting view. You can call our team, and we will take over the disastrous situation.  We have been doing it for years and can do it for you.

Past Cases of Arborist Services

We have been experts in the field for quite some time now. With our years of experience and expertise, there is nothing we can’t deal with. Here is a glimpse into one of our past cases. You would be glad to see how the expert arborist team completed the job.

This was a job we did for the Lenham Meadow Trust. We work for both commercial and residential clients. Here is what we did. What you will see below are pictures of the pond and clearing up. The past year had been pretty terrible for the residents of the UK because of storm Eunice. The storm led to a lot of chaos and trouble. This pond, too, had seen better days.

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