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Tree Pro Ltd to the Rescue!

Here at Tree Pro Ltd, we take pride in not only work but also that customer receives the best service possible. Going above and beyond is what we are all about. Check out this recent job below regarding a customer and their stuck Peahen!

On a recent job carried out, our client Gail Masters, needed her Peahen rescued from her tree. We have been given many requests over the years and this one isn’t uncommon. Naturally here at Tree Pro, we understand the important the conservation of nature and in particular looking after wildlife and birds.

Check out the video below to see how we rescued the Peahen.

After she landed on the ground safely, we were able to catch her and bring her to a safer location. It was a relief to see her finally come down from the trees.

Once we caught the Peahen, we noticed that she was extremely weak and dehydrated. We immediately gave her some water and food so that she could regain her strength. After a few days of rest and care, she was back to her normal self and ready to be released.

Our team at Tree Pro Ltd takes great pride in helping animals in need, even if it means climbing up a tree or two. Saving this Peahen was a rewarding experience for us, and we were happy to see her fly off into the sunset, back to her home safely.

Tree Pro Ltd is not just about tree removal and trimming services, but also about caring for the environment and the animals that depend on it. We are always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, especially those who are feathered 🙂

To work with us you can contact us on 01622 851576 or email us at [email protected]

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