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There is nothing more annoying than wasting your Sundays and weekends away chopping at trees and tending to bushes. Now is the time for you to say goodbye to the hassle that tree maintenance and ground work is. At Tree Pro Ltd, we come to with a complete solution. Offering wide range of garden care, maintenance and arborist services, our experts can help you deal with all that there is to take care of.

Job Well Done with Tree Pro Ltd

At Tree Pro Ltd, we believe in a job well done. Depending on the job, our team will make sure that you don’t need to call in external sources or move an inch yourself. A lot of times when the ground requires more work than usual, our team will be splitting up the jo in several phases in order to ensure that each step is carried out with utmost efficiency and attention.

Past Cases

Phase 2

A prime example of a job cut down in several phases can be taken from the work we carried out on the Tenterden property. While previously phase one was limited to the conifer removal, we knew we had more work to do on this stunning [property to return the backyard to its original glory.

Not one to shy away from challenging tasks, our team brought on their finest of tools and utter dedicated and got to work with what was waiting ahead for them. The grown conifer hedges that we had cut previously to make space in the garden were taken care of but there was another threat on the table for us.

To understand the severity of the problem, take a look down below at the images of the scene.

The stump grinder was earing the stumps for the conifers that our team had removed. To deal with these issues, we used our finest tools including a digger and removed the high bank of soil which had built up over the past 40 years.


Now, if you happen to be relaxed on garden and backyard maintenance, don’t worry, as you can see, you can clearly trust us with even years and years of chaos. Our team didn’t shy away or get intimated by the fourth years’ worth of soil and got to work immediately.

Say Goodbye to Chaos in the Garden

And there you have it folks! Just like that our professional arborists at Tree Pro Ltd were done and dusted with the second phase of the maintenance and clean-up program. We started out with confider hedge removal and from there on forward, we progressed t dealing with the soil and the stumps. Now, the garden is ready for the third phase of the program which is plantation! Stay tuned to see how that went.

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