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Tree Pro – Arborists UK for the best Tree Maintenance Service

Tree and Hedge Maintenance Done by Arborist UK Professionals!

Although this may sound odd, regular hedge trimming and tree care are really important to keep your environment healthy. But unfortunately, this tree maintenance is not exactly something everyone can do. It’s a very specific job that very specifically qualified persons can do. These professionals are called Arborists and can help you with your tree and garden maintenance. Where will you find these Arborists? Right here! Tree Pro Ltd has the best arborists UK has ever seen.

Why choose Tree Pro Ltd?

Tree Pro Ltd offers you every tree maintenance service possible. Our business is the best when it comes to tree management, cutting, trimming, hedge maintenance, and care. Our Arborists UK are the best you can find, and we have our loyal customer base to vouch for that.

We offer different services not only based on the requirement of the client. But also based on the requirement of the area we are to work in. whether it is a one-time visit or a contractual visit after every few months for regular maintenance. Arborist UK at Tree Pro Ltd offer all.

How our Arborist UK work

We start by getting in contact with our potential client, with who we do a basic general assessment of the task at hand. We also do pre-work visits to fully understand the requirements of the client and the area that we are to work in. After assessing everything thoroughly, we do the work at hand.

Why is regular tree care important?

Tree pruning, trimming, and regular hedge maintenance are as important as regular car or hair maintenance. Trees may be natural, but even natural things need nourishment for proper growth and a healthy lifespan. Here are a few reasons why regular tree care is so important:

  • Tree care and pruning help them prepare for their peak season. By doing so, you are boosting their beauty and aesthetics.
  • Tree care and pruning prevent them from getting diseases. This ultimately helps flora and fauna around the trees by keeping the entire surrounding environment healthy.
  • It keeps a check on pest and vermin breeding. By constant cutting and trimming of the tree patches around your residential area. One can keep track of the possible pest infestations and consequently help prevent them as soon as possible.

What we have done in the past

We have many clients that we are on a contractual work basis with. We visit their sites after every few months to do regular check-ups and assessments.

An example is this client in Meopham, who wanted our arborists UK to visit their site after every six months for trimming, pruning, and treatment.

Before & After –

As shown in the pictures, to keep the hedges and greenery under control, we have trimmed the hedges and the wild branches of the trees. This has given a much more cohesive and cleaner look to the overall layout of the area. By cutting the uncontrollable branches, we have prevented the tree from covering some areas of the house, so it can look neat and tidy.

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