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Tree Pro visit the largest & oldest maiden Oak tree in Dover this weekend – Majesty.

The tree itself is a staggering 20 meters tall. To put things into perspective, that is twenty Fender Stratocaster Guitars one on top of the other. The circumference is twelve meters in width! Which, again, is ridiculous! The tree is in Fredville park, Nonington. The tree is known simply as Majesty and is at the top of the charts for being both the oldest and largest Oak tree in the UK and possibly Europe.


Our Managing Director, Chris Cooper decided to take look for himself this weekend with his daughter. Working on tree’s for over 20 years even Chris was astonished by the sheer size of this mighty Oak.


You can see in the pictures below how incredibly wide and large the Majesty is.





If you want to see a real piece of ancient history, we suggest giving this beautiful park a visit. You will not be disappointed by the stunning horticulture and this breath-taking Oak tree.


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