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How to: Make Silver Birch Wine

Last week we published this post, explaining how to Tap a Silver Birch Tree for its sap/water during the first two weeks of March, and now we will explain how to turn your very own mineral rich Silver Birch tree water into Silver Birch Wine.

You will need the following-

4.5 litres of birch sap
200ml white grape juice concentrate
Juice from two lemons
1.2 kg white sugar
White wine yeast
Yeast nutrient – follow instructions on packet

But first, Here is our Birch water harvest, fresh from the tree –

Now for the magic part …

Gently heat your silver birch sap in a pan to around 75c – keep it at that temperature for around 20 mins.

how to make silver birch wine

Next, take off of the heat and stir in the sugar until it has completely dissolved.

Put to one side and allow to cool.

Next, transfer your water to a fermentation bucket, and add all of other ingredients.

making silver birch wine with demijohns

Keep your fermentation bucket covered and leave for a round 5 days, then siphon off into a demijohn, fitting the bubble trap and leave to do its thing for 2 months. Then transfer into a new fresh demijohn and bottle it up into your wine bottles when it becomes clear. It is super important to remember to use fully sterilised equipment, otherwise it can easily turn bad at this stage if bacteria is present.

And that’s it! It is super easy and I promise you the end result is a beautiful, dry fruity white wine, guaranteed to empress.


Do let us know if you try this, or if you have any tips of your own that we should share. Thank you so much for reading.

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