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Making trees safe – Tree Pro Ltd

At Tree Pro Ltd, we truly understand that trees hold a special significance in many of our clients’ lives. The trees they have grown with and around, now take on a sentimental value for them. We are happy to share our experience at Hollingbourne, Kent, where we worked on a tree that held great sentimental value for our client.

The tree in question was a towering specimen that had clearly witnessed generations of memories with now the client’s grandchildren playing in the garden regularly. Our client understandably grew concerned about the health of the tree. At first glance, the tree looked to be in good health, but as we inspected it, we noticed that the rear of the tree was telling a different story. A massive hole in the trunk and an alarming lean was identified, putting the safety of everyone around in jeopardy.

Despite the tree’s age and numerous health issues, the client didn’t want to lose it. So, we had to come up with a solution that would help us retain the tree while still making it safe for everyone around it. Our experts decided to start by removing the top of the tree. This process not only reduced the weight but also encouraged new growth.

The removal of the top allowed us to see all the way down into the hollow. It was impressive to see how the tree had survived despite the numerous challenges. With our professional tools and the expertise of our trained staff, we went ahead and made necessary cuts on the branches and trunk until we felt confident that the tree was now secure and stable.

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Our team at Tree Pro Ltd understands the value of trees to our clients. Along with our expertize and experience in tree services, we do our best to ensure every tree is secure and safe to promote continued growth. We were proud to work on this project and preserve the client’s valuable asset. Another happy client of Tree Pro Ltd!

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