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Hedging Hard Decisions: Conifer Hedge Removal in Lenham

At Tree Pro Ltd, we pride ourselves on understanding trees, their growth patterns, their needs, and their potential challenges – knowledge that’s critical when engaging with various species like the common conifer.

Recently, we came across a situation in Lenham that perfectly illustrates the importance of timely tree management. Here, a once-manageable conifer hedge had gradually encroached onto the pathway, driven by years of growth.

While periodic pruning did help control its spread, the conifer hedge eventually extended beyond the client’s boundary. Frequent encounters with pedestrians and the inconvenience added indicated an urgent need for action from our team.

Sadly, conifers aren’t forgiving when we trespass beyond their green outer layer. The harsh reality of a conifer hedge is the dead, void space which lurks beneath their verdant exterior. Once cut past this green facade, the conifer dies off from that part, becoming permanently barren, denying any scope for regrowth. In this particular case, it meant complete removal of the hedge.

Before and after below

Our experience in Lenham is not isolated. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of consistent hedge maintenance and the disastrous consequences procrastination can entail. Professional, regular pruning can curtail the overgrowth, maintaining both aesthetic and practical aspects of your landscape.

We at Tree Pro Ltd invite property owners to consistently care for their hedges to prevent any unwanted circumstances such as these. Remember, once a conifer hedge has grown too far, it’s impossible to salvage it – requiring complete removal.

Let’s work together to save your hedges from an untimely demise. Reach out to Tree Pro Ltd for guidance and professional hedge care services. Invest in regular pruning today to prevent costly removal tomorrow!

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