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Hazel Hedge – Shadoxhurst near Ashford

Tree Pro Ltd recently had the unique opportunity to work with homeowners who had just moved into a charming new property in Shadoxhurst, near Ashford. They found themselves facing an interesting challenge in their front garden, an overgrown hazel hedge in need of some professional attention.

On first appearances, the task at hand seemed simple enough, but the distinctive requirement of the client called for a more nuanced approach. They wished for the hedge to finish in line with a particular column, maintaining symmetry and aesthetics in their outdoor space, an undertaking as much about precision as about pruning.

In traditional terms, you’d think that we could simply cut the higher trunks to the desired height. However, Tree Pro Ltd’s years of horticultural wisdom dictate otherwise. If the larger trunks were clipped at this height, the harsh reality of nature would rear its head in the following year. The wood would grow back too thick, rendering our hedge cutter ineffective at maintaining the height precisely.

So, how did we navigate this? We turned to a time-tested, yet counterintuitive strategy. The trick is to cut slightly lower than the desired final height. This gives the hedge the opportunity to grow back just right, hitting the size the client wants without getting too thick to manage. A straightforward solution when you take a step back and consider the growth cycle of natural foliage.

In conclusion, this job serves to remind us that achieving the right look in your garden is a delicate dance between nature and nurture – an art form that Tree Pro Ltd is keenly familiar with. Simple when you think about it, but a task that requires a professional touch to perfect.

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