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Get Your Garden Fixed for a Higher Aesthetic Appeal

While it might feel good to have a tree in your house for the longest of times, it is not always the smartest of decisions. For the sake of the aesthetic of your house and the tree, it is better to call in professionals who will do the deed of giving the tree the farewell it deserves after a long life.

Tree Pro Limited to the Rescue

At Tree Pro limited, we pride ourselves in our years of experience in the field of caring and disposing of your trees. We understand that the process of cutting down trees or taking care of them once they have completed their lifestyle can be a tough job because of the hassle (physical and emotional) involved! This is why we come equipped with the tools and the expertise required to get the job done.

Past Cases

One of our past cases was a property located in Tenterden, Kent. While the property was one of the most stunning ones we have seen, the backyard wasn’t in such a great state. All the house needed was some professional conifer hedge removal, and they would be ready to host parties and whatnot.

Our team reached on the job assigned by the homeowners equipped with all the tools needed for the job. The job required us to work on removing the conifer hedges found in their backyard.

These conifer hedges had grown at an astonishing pace, as a result of which there was the looming threat of limited garden space. Since the hedges were creeping into the garden, our team had to work quickly to ensure that the client didn’t lose out on around 2.5 to 4m of garden space.


before pic above


After pic above

Removal of Conifer Hedge

Our team quickly got rid of the increasing conifer hedges through our three-phase project using state-of-the-art tools. The removal f the hedges was the first [phase of the project. The pictures below provide an accurate depiction of what the house looked like when our team arrived at the location.


Efficient Hedge Maintenance Services

So, why should you trust our team to work on your house? At Tree Pro Ltd, we guarantee you that the sanctity and the comfort of your home will not be sabotaged at all. Once all the hedge maintenance work is done, our team ensures that all the clean-up is completed quickly if agreed.

Providing emergency services all day and night, our team will be there to help you out if you happen to have agreed to host a dinner with a backyard that’s not very audience-friendly.

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