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Does Tree Removal, Pruning, And Preservation Around Your Home Increase Home Value?

Undoubtedly trees are a source of instant aesthetics; that’s why most of us invest our time and money in tree surgeon UK to help us make the right choice. Apart from the many health benefits that trees offer, they add to the property’s value once you decide to sell it. According to research, mature and well-maintained trees by arborists UK increase property value by upto7%-19%.

Properly maintained trees offer shade, absorb unwanted odor and provide a fresh and healthy environment. However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your trees in good shape. Otherwise, they will not only ruin the outlook of the property but become a source of damage as well.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how tree removal, pruning, and preservation offers long-term financial benefit.

How Tree Removal Can Be A Source Of Financial Benefit For Property Owners

Every real estate agent will tell you that trees add to the property’s value. It is because fresh and well-maintained trees make a property stand out from many identical properties. Whereas sometimes it’s the other way around. Not all trees are a source of profit for property owners. Sometimes it is better to remove, prune, or preserve trees to avoid regretting later.

What Kind Of Trees Needs To Be Removed By A Tree Surgeon UK?

When a tress is dying or already dead, it has nothing to do with the health and beauty of the property. Instead of being an asset, it becomes a liability that you should get read off. Instead of becoming a source of beauty for the property and neighborhood, these trees negatively affect the visuals of a place.

A dead tree is a threat to health and valuable properties. Dead trees are too weak to handle harsh weather because they become unstable. If there’s any storm or rain, there are chances these trees will fall and cause severe damage to you, your family, or your property.

A point to be noted here is that not all trees to be removed can be differentiated, especially if you don’t know much about them. Sometimes there are underlining problems with trees that professionals can only spot. This is where a tree surgeon UK like Tree Pro Ltd., can be a great help. Being professionals in the field we

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For instance roots of a tree become weak or dead; they are more dangerous. You might not notice that such trees rot at the bottom but look perfectly fine from the outside. If necessary action is not taken on time, these trees might suddenly fall and cause severe damage.

In case you’re wondering how, you can spot such trees by evaluating the ground. Fungus on the surface of the tree is one of the signs of rotted roots.

Take Action Now

When planning to sell your property, it’s better to get a tree removal from a professional tree surgeon UK to make your property completely safe and stable for the subsequent owners to make memories. It is evident if you have overgrown, damaged, rotted trees interrupting the aesthetics of your property, you’ll have to compromise with the selling price against a property that has well-maintained trees planted at the spots that beautify the place.

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