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Choose Tree Pro for removing unwanted tree stumps

Get rid of tree stumps with Tree Pro Ltd.’s professional services

Trees beautify your landscape, provide shade from the hot summer sun, and improve air quality. Whether you chopped down an undesired tree or it died as a result of disease, the root is still alive – and will strive to recover. That is why killing a tree stump is necessary in order to prevent new shoots from sprouting. But remember to pick trained professional arborists UK for these services.

Not removing a tree stump correctly and leaving it in place not only creates a tripping hazard but may also encourage unwanted insects and fungi into your landscape.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself since our arborists UK are here to help.

Tree Pro Ltd. provides truly professional tree care services

The simple part is to cut down the tree and have it removed from your property.  However, dealing with the tree stump that has been left behind can be tough. Even though a tree stump may appear to be harmless, it is strongly advised that it be removed as soon as possible since it might pose a safety hazard on your property.  At Tree Pro Ltd., our arborists UK team is the finest, and removing a dead tree with us is a smooth process.

Why you should remove tree stumps

A tree stump may be an eyesore in terms of aesthetics. Leaving it lying around with no practical use will make your yard appear untidy. It’s a safety hazard for Children playing in the yard who can trip over or stumble into the stump or roots, injuring themselves. A tree stump might attract unwanted intruders to your yard. Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects are naturally drawn to tree stumps.

Eco plugs are an environmentally friendly and safe approach to prevent regrowth from dead trees. The granular glyphosate in the plastic ‘capsule’ dissolves with the tree sap to effectively kill or translocate to the spots that are still alive in the stump, destroying tree roots from bottom to top.

Our tree stump removal services – An exemplary case

Landscape design is a professional field in itself. We take pride in our work and undertake specialised projects to improve impoverished spaces.

We have had previous tree stump removal cases, allowing us to confidently state that we have experienced professionals who are always ready to assist. Our customers requested that their tree stump be removed as safely as possible, and we delivered! Take a look at this:

Avail our arborists UK services now

The Arborists UK at Tree Pro Ltd provides services that can not only help you remove dangerous tree stumps but also help with tree maintenance. Our specialists seek ways to improve open areas and transform them to the customer’s liking.

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