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Highly Trained Team for Efficient Arborist Services

Gardens and backyards are the souls of any home; it is, after all, the part of the house that makes the house a home. Unfortunately, it is also the part of any house or property that requires the maximum amount of maintenance and upkeep.

At Tree Pro Ltd, we understand that managing backyard or garden maintenance along with all your other duties and responsibilities can be quite a hassle. Po riving to be a knight in shining armour for all of you out there, we come equipped with an experienced team who can fix up the place in no time.

Tree Pro Ltd at Your Service

When dealing with a job as intricate and tricky as arboriculture, one needs to have the best set of skills, knowledge, and on-field training on hand to get the best possible results. At tree Pro Ltd, we believe in giving you the best of the best services. To do so, we highly encourage and motivate our team of tree surgeons to never stop learning.

This is exactly why one of our focuses has been offering them training and certifications. These training sessions can save not just your garden but also lives as our tree surgeons learn to perform high-risk operations in the most efficient possible manner.

Training Session for the Tree Surgeons


The team was sent for a training course at the irata international Industrial Rope Access Trade Association for safety and skill training sessions. The session included training at height, confined space, and rescue.

The crew was offered informative yet learning experiences in a challenging manner. Learning newer ways of dealing with hazardous trees and climbing techniques, worksite safety, and more, the team was getting well-versed in the intricates of getting into a tree and out of it as well.


Our tree surgeons brushed up on cutting and rigging techniques with an engaging and informative training session and learned the importance of attention to deal with each job.

Conquering Fears one Training Session at a Time

We think that the best work is done once the team incorporates honesty, dedication, and teamwork into the mix. Offering a chance to improve their leadership skills and on-field experience, the team worked on different types of skills.

Conquering fears one session at a time; our tree surgeons can carry out risky chores such as work positioning, fall protection, and tree climbing without any second thought.

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