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Arborist Services of Top-Notch Level for your Garden with Tree Pro Ltd

Hazardous procedures include moving a fallen tree or a wood that poses a danger to the structural integrity. Tree removal can only be done safely if the appropriate safety clothing and equipment are used and if licenses are obtained. It is reasonable to say that the experts at Tree Pro Ltd have extensive expertise in removing trees from business and residential properties. To safeguard the adjacent buildings, wires, and landscape, our arborist experts take the time to thoroughly inspect the area.

What’s more, it is crucial to have the trees on your property examined by a trained arborist. This is since certain trees may represent a threat and look happy and safe to the public.

Expert Level Tree Surgeons Ready at Your Disposal

We have a team of arborists ready to conduct a dangerous tree evaluation on your trees. If you have a tree that needs to be assessed or removed, we are certified, licensed, and protected to do it. Contact Tree Pro Ltd. Specialists in the field of trees. You can also call us for evaluation of your garden.

Our arborists have undergone extensive training to deliver the highest quality tree care. Give us a call if you need help with tree trimming, conservation, stumps removal, or hedgerow and shrubbery maintenance. We will attend to your concerns for your tree care requirements before developing a strategy that meets or exceeds your needs.

Past Arborist Cases

Are you ready to see how our team of arborists tackled one of the projects that came our way? A client called on our team to deal with a  rather unusually placed tree.  Take a look down below to see what the tree looked like. We have also added pictures to show you how we worked on it.


There was a beastie conifer tree on the property that we had to remove. We went to instead rise in Meopham Kent to deal with this tree. The difference this has made to the client’s back garden is amazing! We would also like this to be a learning time for clients. When you plant trees in the wrong places, you can expect something like this to happen to you as well.

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